Weebly Tutorial – Build Your Own Free Website

Weebly Tutorial - Build Your Own Free Website

Weebly Tutorial – Build Your Own Free Website

I’m going to show you how to use Webley.com to create your own website and I think you’ll be happy with and surprised by how easy it is to use this website builder. 

So here I am on Webley.com and you’ll notice that it says that I can use Webley to create a website or an online store. In this tutorial, I’m going to focus on this aspect of Webley, 

and how to use it to create your own website. And Downbelow, you can see some examples of the types of websites, 

kind of the look and feel that you can choose if you would like to when you use Webley. But before we dive into how to use this website, I want to show you really quickly the pricing options that we have in Webley. 

You can see that there is a free account option and it gives you most of what you would need if you just want to create a basic website. 

If you want something more, you’ll need to pay. Now, for those of you that are teachers, you can go 

all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on education. And this gives you an option to create a completely free class website

And notice this. It lets your students build their own websites. One of the nice things about that is that you, as the teacher, can manage your student’s accounts. 

They don’t have to sign up for a Webley account. You can just go in, create student accounts, and then you just give that login information to the students 

and they can sign in to their own website that they can customize. So that’s a really nice option for teachers. 

I’m just going to go back and on Whibley Dotcom, I’m going to click get started to create a website

Create A Weebly Account

So I click that it wants me to sign up for an account. I could sign up for an account using this Facebook button or Google Plus,

or I could just use my email and password. If I already had a Webley account, I could click here to log in to that pre-existing account. 

So give me a minute to sign into or create my account and then I’ll resume the video. 

Use A Weebly Theme

All right. So here I am in my account. And because this is my first time using Webley with this account, it takes me to a page that will kind of help me get started using Webley. 

Now, before you get to this page, it may ask you if you want to create an e-commerce site, do you want to open up a store basically using Webley? 

And I would recommend if you’re a teacher or if you don’t really want to make a store right now, just say no, 

you don’t want to create any store at this time. And that should take you now to this page where you can select a theme

Notice that they have different things to choose from, business themes, portfolio themes, etc. I’m going to choose my theme from the personal category and I think I’ll go with this one here. 

So I click on it. It opens up with a theme preview. Looks good. If I like this, 

Just Click Start Editing Theme

I can just click start editing. And that now will become the theme for my website and it’s building my website right now, at least the bare bones of my website. 

And here is my website. Now, the next step is to choose a domain and the domain that you choose will most likely be related to the topic of your website. So for me, of course, 

I believe the world needs a really good website about the best kind of music ever created, in my opinion, which is earnfreecash.info and New Wave, 

which most definitely includes the 80s New Wave and synth-pop heroes, but also those of more recent years. So I would like to maybe call this tips4urdu

And look, the domain is available to look like it’s available now. Just know if you continue with this, you will be asked to pay. OK, so it’s loading payment information because I don’t own that domain earnfreecash.info, so I would have to pay in order to reserve it.

Now if you already own a domain, you can click here and you can connect it to your Webley account and you should be able to use that domain that you already own. 

What most teachers do and even what most Webley users overall do is 

Choose this option, use a Subdomain of  Weebly.com

So here I can just type in earn free cash, we believe dot com and it says the domain is available and notice that this time it doesn’t end in .com, it ends in dot Webley.com. 

But because it includes Whibley in the title, it will be free for me to use.
So I click continue. It takes me to the homepage of my website. Now, there are some instructions here saying that you can drag and drop. I already know that. So I’m going to click. Got it. 

And I’m going to X out of that little pop-up screen. So now I can start customizing this home page of my website 

and I can just go up here where it says Sarah Smith and I highlighted the text and I’m just going to call this earnfreecash.info. 

Now, notice that the change that I just made is on the homepage of my website. And I know that because home is outlined here now, depending on the theme that you choose, 

the indication of which page you’re on might look a little diff. It doesn’t have to be a box like this but watch, if I click on my work, the screen changes, 

if I click on the screen changes. But at the same time, though, notice that the title of the site, earn free cash stays the same on every page. 

OK, underneath the title I have a spacer and I could just x out of that space or if I don’t want it, but I think it is kind of a nice look. 

So here, I don’t know who Sarah Smith is. I’m just going to highlight all that text and replace it with an invitation to check out the earnfreecash.info and new wave scene. And I think I need a couple more exclamation points for emphasis. 

OK, great. So there I have the beginnings of a website, 

so now it’s really up to me to decide what to do next. Notice here at the left, I have several different elements that I can add to my website. If I need more text, 

I can just go up here to title and drag that onto the screen. There it is. Or if I prefer instead of a title, I could put text on the screen. I think I’ll go with the text. 

So I dropped it there underneath this bigger text and like it says there, I can just click to edit. So give me a minute to type up some text and then I’ll resume the video. 

OK, so there’s my text. It looks awfully tiny, so I’m going to select it and notice here there are some text options. I can make it bigger, hopefully, more readable. 

Now, I may want to change the color as well to also make it more readable so I can click here to change the font, to be a color that will actually show up. In addition to text, 

notice that there are some multimedia options like images. I can click and drag images down there and then click to upload an image

I can upload it from my computer 

just by dragging and dropping the photo. Or I can also just click here to do the same thing to upload a photo from my computer. But this is an option I love. 

Just next to my computer, you can search the web for images, so I’ll do a search for one of the more successful eighties earnfreecash.info, and that’s Depeche Mode. 

And it didn’t find any professional photos of Depeche Mode. But if I go to free photos, then it does find some images that I can use. 

OK, so here’s a good one. I would like to select that and it’s going to try to pull that image in and onto my homepage. 

If you’d like to pull in a whole series of images, look, you can include a gallery, just click and drag the gallery in there, 

upload multiple images and all of those images will be included in the form of a gallery. So that’s a really nice option.

 I’m going to delete that, though, and I want you to know that you can also do the same kind of thing. But with slide shows, 
 you can pick a style of a slide show, click, continue and then upload a series of photos. So Webley has some really good media options for you. 

You can also easily put a map on your Web page by default. 

It’s showing San Francisco. But if I click on the map, look, I can put it in another location and it will update and change the map. 

There are all sorts of other options as well. With the maps. There’s a great option here. If you want to get a newsletter together, 

you can just edit this to create a newsletter form that people fill out when they visit your website. There’s also a contact form so they can email you or message you through the website. 

You can add buttons to the page so you can just click there on the button, highlight the text, and type in the text that you actually want to be on the button. 

So read about synthpop great. And then I can link that button to any of these things to an email address,

a file which is a great option so they can download a video or a file of some kind, a PDF maybe, but also a website. 

So I’m going to click the website and I’ll put in the address of a webpage that I want the button to take the viewer to, and it’s going to open in a new window. 

 All right. So that should be set up and ready to work. Now, you’ll notice that so far I’ve just been adding things to the page vertically. Right. 

I’ve added text and then I added a picture and then I added a map and a button. And that’s fine. You can make your website very vertical, 

but wouldn’t it be nice if you could divide up the page a little bit and have one element on the left and another element on the right? 

I think that would be a great thing, but I don’t see a way to do that here at the left with these elements that are in my account here. 

But notice at the very bottom, it says installed apps add apps to make your site more powerful. 

So I’d like to click that add app button and I’ll do a search for tables. 

I want to be able to add a table and it brings up a few options. I’m going to try this one simple table. It’s free. I just click, click, add. 

A simple table will be added to synthpop heaven. That sounds good. So I’ll connect. Click done. And now I have an installed app here in the lower left. 

Let’s see if it works if I click and drag that app. It should let me now create tables and it does, and when I click on the table, it lets me change the number of columns. 

Maybe I just want two columns and the number of rows, if I would like to change that as well. 

And as you can see, there are other options as well. So I’m going to click away from that and I can adjust this table the way I want it to be. Just clicking away. 

When I make a change, I can also type. So here in the upper left corner of the table, I could type in something like the band, and then off to the right, 

I could type something else like the most recent album. 

Now, you can’t see that very well because of the color of the text along with the background. So I can just click to change the color and that should make it more readable for you. 

So give me a minute to add a few bands and then I will resume the video. 

OK, great. Now of course I could put pictures in here as well or links. There are all sorts of options that I could add to this page.

 Now, in addition to using tables by adding an app, notice that you do have the option to create sections. 

So to section off different parts of your page and then 

you can drag anything into that section and it will separate it off a little bit from the rest of the Web page. You can also put in spacers, just like we have at the top of this website. That’s a spacer. 

You can add another spacer here. Now, there are some great other options as well, but some of these are limited to paid accounts only. 

So HD video audio. But you can add things like some documents. You can add some flash files or other types of files. 

Let’s say I have a PDF or a handout in word format or something like that. You can just drag a file onto the screen, 

then click in that element, upload a file from your computer and that file will be downloadable by the students or the audience that you have. 

I’m going to delete that. Notice that you can also add YouTube videos and so I could put a YouTube video for each of these bands that I’m trying to highlight. However, 

for you, I expect you to include my video tutorials on your Web page. Right. You need to add some classes to your website, and that’s probably the best way you could do that.

 OK, so there’s the YouTube video spacer that I’ve added. 

If you want to customize it, you just click on it and then copy-paste the YouTube video, URL, and the address you might need to open a new tab, 

go to YouTube, find the video copy-paste, and there are some options here you can choose. And then it adds the YouTube video to your page.

 Moving down the list of elements. Notice that you can add some e-commerce items. You can put in some block quotes and RSVP from a survey and even some other options that are kind of exciting that you can look for. 

But any of these elements that have the lightning bolt, are not available in the account that you have. So I can’t use those unless I upgrade. But you know what? That’s 

OK. Look at all this that I can do. And if I were to continue to develop this website, I think it would be a really cool and worthwhile website. 

There’s one feature that I skipped on purpose and I wanted to save it for last, and that is embed code. 

And this is such an exciting option. If you click and drag and drop the embed code element onto the page, it gives you this section here that says click to set custom HTML. 

You can click on that and then edit the custom HTML. Now, what is this talking about? Basically, an embed code or custom HTML is a code that you get from something that’s out there on the Internet.
 You copy that embed code, you paste it into this box and it will pull that item that you got the embed code for and pull it into your Webley website and a Web page. 
And it sounds like a copyright violation, but it’s not. You’re just embedding the existing item into your own website. 

So for the sake of example, 

I’m just going to go to quisling.com. But this is just one example of many that are out there. And if you’re not familiar with Cuisia, 

it basically it’s a flashcard website and you could do flashcards for whatever. Let’s see if there’s a new wave flashcard set. 

And here’s one that I think has pretty close to the right idea. And so I’d like to click on that. And this looks like a pretty good flashcard set featuring,

 some of the better synthpop or new wave bands from the 80s. So I would like to pull this into my website to do that.

 I’m just going to look around for an HTML code or an embed code there, really one and the same. And here’s where you’ll find it in Queensland. Just going here. 

There’s the word embed. I click on it. There’s the embed code. I can highlight that embed code, copy it, go back to Webley and paste it into the edit custom.

 For each HTML area just paste in that embed code, then I can click away from the box. That’s the key to making it actually activate. And there now is this flashcard set and it’s added to my Webley web page.

OK, great. So that’s really all there is to building Web pages in Webley. 

But keep in mind, that was just the homepage. So now I would need to go also to the next page, my work in this case, 

and edit that page about and edit that page and contact and edit that page. Now, what if you don’t want all four of those, or what if you want to change the names for them? 

Notice what you can do up here at the top of the screen. I’ve been working off of this build tab, but if I click on pages, then it lists all the pages that I have available. 
Well, I would like to get rid of contact, 

so I’m going to click on it, choose, delete and it’s gone next where it says my work. I’m going to click and change it to music videos. 

I click away and it makes that change activate. So now it says home music videos and about. So that’s an important tab. Next, we have a theme. 

This is obviously for if you want to change the theme that you chose at the beginning, if you’re going to use e-commerce, you can go to the store ilex out of that. 

You can also add apps. I’ve already added one by going to the lower-left corner on this build screen. 

That’s where I added the app. There are some settings and this is definitely worth looking through because there are some nice options here, 

including the ability to add editors so that more than one editor can help you work on the website. And there’s also the help button. I want to jump back to the build tab, 

though, to point out to you that this Web page, even though I’ve been building it and it looks really good, look, 

the video doesn’t quite work exactly the way I would want. I get this pop-up also. If I click on the read about synthpop button, 

it doesn’t work. It doesn’t take me to the Wikipedia article about synthpop. And my flashcard set also doesn’t seem to be working properly. 

The reason why is because I am in editing mode. I’m editing my website, I’m editing my homepage. So to actually experience the real website that I’m building here, 

you have to go here to the upper right and click on Publish

This is another opportunity for Webley to get me to pay for a domain. I’m going to stick with the free version here, a subdomain of Webley, and I’ll go up and click continue. 

It’s publishing my website and now this website is published and ready for people to visit. I can check it out by clicking this link. And this is now a real website that anyone can go to and enjoy.

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