14 Best Way Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

14 Best Way Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) If you are strange to the world of Blogging or Digital Marketing plus you have heard it a lot. So you must have been of the same opinion the ask that SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? And how to attain the SEO of the Website Blog?

The unyielding form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO means that any website should be optimized in such a way that it can be effectively displayed in the search engine and profit a high rank therefore that all the organic traffic is era-privileged.

If you agonized sensation to learn roughly SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how it is finished, how it is concretized, and how to profit more and more traffic by sewing your website, next greeting this article to the fade away.

Benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you have a website or blog in addition you will be a compulsion to buy traffic. There is no reduction in the website without traffic. If you have made a website to earn, you can not earn without delightful traffic.

There are consequently many ways to profit traffic for the website, such as linking to a talk to the visitor, from social media, paid to advertise, etc. But the most amazing quirk of all of these is organic traffic, which comes from taking in hand search engines.

Therefore it is very important to profit from the website’s search engine optimization to get your hands on more and more organic traffic. On the Internet, people search unaccompanied concerning the recommendation search engine. Types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are two types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

1 Black Hat  Black hat SEO is incorrectly optimized to acquire the website ranking. Such as charity unnecessary keywords re the page, buying paid backlinks, repeatedly clicking regarding the result of your own site or getting curtains, etc. For all these times, maybe the ranking can be obtained for some era, but they reach not know much and at the cease, the site disappears.

2. White Hat  The relationship quirk to buy your hands on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is most accurate. In which the process of getting a website rank is slow but if the content is satisfying later it becomes ranked. And there is a lot of organic traffic closely. 

So if you throbbing your website to rank correctly, subsequently you pay attention to white hat SEO without help. How to make a get your hands on of your hands flying regard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO of any website or blog site is done in two ways:-

For the optimization of the websites, both of them have full significance. But if you are a & nbsp; beginner subsequently you should first learn roughly On-page SEO, along with you go apropos Off-Page SEO.

On-page SEO, content, website quickness, blog design, the right use of the keyword, the title of the page, the blog’s mobile-approachable, and the web page URL is optimized that shows off the top rank.

The process of optimizing the value correctly just about the backlinks, domain authority, page, domain age, and social network outside of the web page is called off-page SEO.

How to produce an upshot On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

1. Optimize Page Title

The most important of each and each and every one apropos the page SEO is SEO optimized page title. It is mandatory to optimize page titles to acquire a high ranking in descriptions to search engines. Whatever keyword you throbbing to rank, it must function as the title of the page.

The length of the page title should be along in the midst of 60 and 70. This is the upshot of most search engines along with reference to most search engines.

You can use some SEO nice words to optimize the page title, such as Best, Latest, How To, Step by Step, Complete Guide, Tutorial, and New.

2. Meta Description

Meta relation tag in Seo is the second most important factor. Most people understand that Google does not come occurring behind the money for meta tags more important, to some extent it is true. But if your content is good and creates an unlimited meta footnote, then you acquire the mitigation of it concerning the search engine.

Meta Description pushes your p.s. sudden summary to the search engine. The length of the meta savings account is 160 characters or improved later is best.

In order to acquire a fine ranking in the search engines, at least back in the meta defense, the keyword you are sensitive to rank is mandatory.

3. Keyword Placement

Keyword placement is where to use the keyword. The keyword placement going not far afield away off from for On-Page Seo is an utterly important factor. If you use keywords correctly in the publicize, you can acquire the best consequences.

Place Keyword harshly 3 Places in Blog Post:

  1. Inside the first 200 words in the first paragraph of the message.
  2. Headings and Sub Headings Tags
  3. In the cease paragraph of the proclamation.

4. Keyword Density

As a keyword density, how many epochs realize you gaining the keyword in a state? To obtain the best results on the order of the search engine, it is very important to know what is keyword density on your make known. 1% to 5% keyword density is best for SEO, but if again that, later it is considered keyword stuffing which is misery to SEO.

5. Page Url

If the URL of the Page is SEO optimized plus it helps you to get your hands on a fine ranking regarding the search engine. You need to customize the URL to optimize the URL of the pages.

Whenever you write a reveal, the title of the reveal in the region of Blogspot or WordPress becomes automatic. And that would not be quite long and SEO demonstrative

If you lack to get enjoyable results later you should make the page URL as curt as realizable and use the main keyword.

6. Website Speed

You can customize the design of the blog and tote going on the quickness of the page. Important tips for increasing page quickness:

  1. If you use WordPress along with buying the hosting from the right Hosting Company.
  2. Delete the necessary plugins and widgets upon your blog.
  3. Do not realize images of Flash, Multimedia, and large size.
  4. Delete Facebook Page Plugins or add together third-party plugins.

If you use Blogspot, subsequently design the template yourself, if it is not attainable subsequently Simple obtain the same to the templates. Do not use a template downloaded in error for available, because they have lots of javascript and redirectors.

To know the simulation of the website, I get the Google Page Insights and Gtmetrix tools. You can know the eagerness of the page by using these tools.

7. Sub Heading Tags

After the title of the search engine is declared, the highest importance is immovable to subheading tags (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6). Use at least 2 subheading tags in your pronunciation, put the subheading tags in 4 to 6 words, and obtain the keyword in it.

8. Website Design

The attend-to effect of the design of the website does not conduct yourself SEO, but its concentrates on the impact upon the enthusiast. So easy is that if your site likes the devotee subsequently Google will as well as bearing in mind it.

The website design should be partner and eye-catching. Websites’ navigation search engines should come into the hand

Website design is mobile-pleasing. Now, Google has started mobile-first indexing. If your blog is not mobile comprehensible also there may be distress subsequent to Google ranking.

9. Outbound Links

Links from Outbound Links to the late accretion website. Outbound connections are very important in SEO. Outbound partners are of 2 types, one low-setting, and the second-highest character.

high-feel outbound links are the best for your blog’s SEO and it gives you the gain upon the search engine. The same if you use low-environment links as well as it is difficult to SEO.

To check outbound connections, check the domain authority (DA) and PageRank of the website you lack to the member to.

10. Internal relatives

Links inside the Internal Links that you nonappearance to member considering the declare. If you make internal connections correctly, in addition to they can encourage you in the tall ranking upon search engines.

Internal Link Banane Ka Method:

  1. Use 4 or 5 connections in blog posts.
  2. Link to connected state gone possible.
  3. Write the anchor of the partner correctly. That does not see later spam.

11. Image Alt Tags

Every blogger in blogging does make a mishap, and that’s not to use alt tags in images. image alt tag The search engine gives the broadcast that what the image is approximate.

If we get not use the alt tag, furthermore how will the search engine know what the image is upon. In the image alt tag, we nonexistence the image to be ranked for what keyword it should realize.

12. Image Optimization

The search engine does not in imitation of images of big sizes and it plus reduces the website’s quickness. The image should be compressed lonely after compressing it.

If you use WordPress, you will locate many plugins that make known and compress the image of your blog. But if you run a blog upon Blogspot, you have to manually statement it after compressing the image.

I use the compressor.io tool to compress the image upon my Blogspot blog and I find the maintenance for advice this tool to completely Blogspot bloggers. It is very easy into the future by the bond of to, you just have to upload your image and compress it by downloading it.

13. Social Share Button

The social share button does not con the upon-page SEO directly. But lots of SEO experts agree that by applying them, you make get a lot of maintenance. And if your content is harmonious plus they get your hands on paid. So moreover at least one social pension button.

I use the Share Button of Add This for my blog. Its unconditionally set free and you can customize it according to your own.

14. Content length

The content length upon page SEO is an enormously immense factor. The more content on the page, the well along with your chance of when ranking. More content does not try that you will not do any gain from writing beside the declare by writing every.

Whatever subject you wrote upon, it is written in detail, winning points in addition to in flames you know all the posts. Why the search engine puri likes to take effect detailed to warn first.


You can gather the blogs or website organic traffic by discharging duty and SEO correctly. There is no shortcut to getting top rank upon the search engine, but if you get SEO correctly in addition to search ranking will deeply arrive.

Full article upon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Thank you for the full reading of this article in this SEO Tutorial in Hindi. If you locate this make it known as helpful, along with bolster others by sharing it on social media.

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