Android 17 Cosplay Guide: Bringing the Android to Life

Android 17 Cosplay Costumers can dress up as their favorite figures from comics, animation, and popular culture in this colorful and creative community. Android 17 is a character that defines out as a popular and famous figure for Dragon Ball fans. Cosplaying as Android 17 is an amazing and pleasing activity due to his cool personality and unique appearance. We’ll delve into the world of Android 17 cosplay in this extensive blog article and provide a thorough tutorial on how to make this Android come to life. We’ll provide you vital pointers and insights to make sure your Android 17 cosplay is nothing short of unique from designing the ideal costume to capturing the character’s attitude and style.

Getting to Know Android 17

It’s important to understand the character before starting your cosplay as Android 17 quest. Super Android 17 is known for his cool approach and powerful fighting ability. He has a stern nature. Watching the Dragon Ball series and paying attention to his appearances will help you become familiar with his personality traits, facial expressions, and positions.

Crafting the Perfect Costume

The costume is vital for a successful cosplay of Android 17. To begin, you will require:

  • An armless jacket in black bearing the Red Ribbon Army symbol.
  • A short-sleeved white shirt.
  • Pants in black.
  • Dark boots.
  • Gloves in black.
  • A neckerchief or bandana in green.
  • A hairdo or wig designed to resemble Android 17’s hair.

Make sure that every component of your costume is as accurate as feasible to Android 17’s appearance. Consider the location of the Red Ribbon Army logo and the design of his gloves, for example.

Makeup and Accessories

Makeup and accessories are required for fully changing into Android 17. Focus on getting his unique appearance, which includes a little, black “M” under his eyes. To copy this feature and improve your cosplaying experience, utilize cosmetics.

To enhance the look, think about adding extras like a toy rifle or a Dragon Radar prop. Small elements, such metallic-looking accessories or body paint, can convey Android 17’s cybernetic features.

Perfecting the Attitude

Android 17 has an image for being strong and cool under pressure. Focus on copying his personality through your expressions and body language when you’re cosplaying as him. At meetings or photo shoots, remember to strike his unique postures and to keep calm.

Join the Android 17 Cosplay Community

Meeting other cosplayers is one of the nicest parts of the hobby. To share your Android 17 cosplay, trade advice, and get inspired by people who share a passion for Dragon Ball cosplay, join online communities or go to cosplay events.


Cosplaying as Android 17 is a great way to become completely lost in the Dragon Ball universe and pay homage to a favorite character. You can bring the Android to life like never before with focus, commitment, and a love of the craft. As you embark on this thrilling trip into the world of Dragon Ball cosplay, embrace the world of cosplay and allow Android 17’s cool and collected character become a part of your own.

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